Off Road Cycling

In early 2021, an informal group convened originally by Blackshaw Parish Council began working to address issues relating to inappropriate use and damage of footpaths in the Upper Valley by a minority of cyclists.

It was recognised that there had been a significant increase in the use of rights of way in the area for the sport of mountain biking over the last few years, and this has accelerated during covid restrictions. It is also recognised that many such cyclists use the paths responsibly, and also that the sport brings many benefits to the area. However many of the councils in the area were receiving increased complaints from residents and landowners regarding what was perceived to be dangerous cycling. It was felt that a coordinated approach was needed, as measures taken in one area to address this would simply push the problem onto a neighbouring parish.

The working group includes representatives from most of the town and parish councils in the Upper Valley, representatives from Ride Calderdale and the Community Rights of Way Service (CROWS), ramblers groups and CMBC officers.

Minutes of Previous Meetings

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