Blackshaw Fete 2019

31st August 2019 saw the annual Blackshaw fete. It was windy and wet in the morning and early afternoon but the weather brightened up nicely towards the end of the day.

A view of the lower field
Mr Wilson’s2nd Liners
Harlequin the Magician

2019 Produce tent winners

2019 Dog Show Results

Dashing Dog:
1st: Grace and Skipton. 2nd: Lorna and Lenny. 3rd: Iris and Dexter. 4th: Olive and Dougie. 5th: Ava and Wolfie. 6th: Lauren and Pippin
Bonnie Bitch
1st: Sue and Maggie. 2nd: Kitty and Molly. 3rd: Rebecca and Betsy. 4th: Islay and Maria. 5th: Richard and Margot. 6th: April ad Elfie
Best Rescue
1st: Iris and Dexter. 2nd: Olive and Dougie. 3rd: Kitty and Mollie.
Golden Oldie
1st: Charlotte and Dory. 2nd: Grace and Tinkerbelle. 3rd: Sue and Maggie. 4th: Catherine and Ralph. 5th: Jenny and Tashi. 6th: Alice and Indie
Up and Coming
1st: Charlotte and Toby. 2nd: Rachael and Fender. 3rd: Grace and Skipton. 4th: Karen and Tali. 5th: Rebecca and Betsy. 6th: Patrick and Lenny
Best 6 Legs
1st: Lauren and Pippin. 2nd: Elizabeth and Peggy. 3rd: Iris and Dexter. 4th: Grace and Skipton. 5th: Islay and Maria. 6th: Bluebell and Stefan

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