Blackshawhead Fete Saturday 2nd Sept 2017

We had beautiful weather and here are the pictures to prove it:

Morning mist in the valley

Produce tent judging

Produce tent

Peace Artists

Todmnorden Fire Brigade

Brighouse steam train

Upper field

Lower field

Childrens’ games

Ursula Hoilden Gill – storytelling

Dog show

Tug of war champions, New Delight

The  fete programme

Produce tent winners: AdultsChildren

Fell race winners (womens’, mens’):

U18: Watson Peel
Senior: Claire Anderson, Callum Hanson
V40: Kate Mansell, Shaun Godsman
V50: Hazel Berrett, Christian Poulton
V60: Aileen Baldwin, Thorton Taylor
V70:  Graham Breeze
First Local: Kate Mansell, Graeme Brown
Womens Team Prize: Todmorden Harriers Kate Mansell Claire Anderson Jane Leonard
Mens Team Prize: Calder Valley Fell Runners Shaun Godsman Iain Illstone Paul Haigh

Dog show results:

Dashing Dog; 1st Giles Perkins and Hooper, 2nd Sammy Wilson Home and Grahl, 3rd Vicki and Jasper, 4th Barbara Branigan and Dill, 5th Triz and Gizmo, 6th Michelle Rashman and Herzog.

Bonnie Bitch; 1st Rebecca and Bestie, 2nd Will Norman and Luna, 3rd Jessica and Daisy, 4th Elizabeth Yates and Peggy, 5th Janet and Betty, 6th Sarah and Gwen.

Best Rescue; 1st Sofie and Dana, 2nd Jakr and Billy, 3rd Gina and Ruby, 4th Sofie and Max, 5th Triz and Mia, 6th Jane and Dilan.

Golden Oldie; 1st Julie and Bonnie, 2nd Ava and Vince, 3rd Isla and Izzy, 4th Jenny and Tashi , 5th Jane and Dilan, 6th Charlotte and Ralf.

Up and Coming; 1st Georgia and Rita, 2nd Jenny and Henry, 3rd Rebecca and Bestie, 4rd Will Norman and Luna, 5th Tamsin and Poppy, 6th Jim and Maddie.

Best Six Legs; 1st Charlotte Yates Peggy, 2nd Giles Perkins and Hooper, 3rd Russel and Daisy, 4th Gina and Ruby, 5th Sofie and Max, 6th Ava and Vince.

A reminder of the 2016 fete.