2015 Christmas Greetings From Blackshaw Head



Our message

Tracey, Flo and Christian Warmest wishes to all in this lovely community at Christmas time
Laura and Finn Seasonal greetings to everyone with all the best wishes for the new year. Special thanks to everyone who have supported togetherwegrow . We could not have done it without your help.
Edith and Phil Season’s greetings and best wishes for the year ahead to everybody in this wonderful community. Donation to British Heart Foundation!
Grayde and Marian Bowen Happy Christmas and all the best for the new year. Donation to the Salvation Army
Judith Appleton All best for a happy, healthy Christmas! Donating to WaterAid
Steve and Liv Redmond Best wishes to all our friends and neighbours. Steve & Liv Redmond
Simon & Lydia Butler & the boys Best wishes to all our neighbours, have a happy Christmas and peaceful new year. Please give blood if you are able.
Kate, Steve & Alex Rae Kate, Steve and Alex wish all friends a wonderful new year and a happy Christmas
Claire & David Hamilton Wishing all a merry Christmas. Donating to The Christie, a cancer charity based in Manchester
Garry & Carol Wishing all a merry Christmas. Wishing all a happy Christmas and Best Wises for 2016. Donation to Cancer Research
Jan & Jan Season and solstice greetings, Happy holidays Jan and Jan. Donation to Crisis
Mark, Imogen, Sybille and Ciara Bellamy Greetings from Mark, Imogen, Sybille and Ciara; a happy christmas and a merry new year to all in Blackshaw Head from all of us in Amsterdam.
We will be donating to the RSPCA
Michelle, Tim & Wjames Dargan-Cole Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Donation to the Salvation Army

Previous year’s cards

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