Blackshaw Village Virtual Christmas Card 2012

The basic thinking behind the virtual Christmas card is:-

We all send Christmas cards to our friends and neighbours in the village although we will probably see them frequently over  the Christmas period. When added up throughout the village, this must cost an enormous amount of money. Wouldn’t it be good if we could still send a card to our friends and neighbours but at no cost and use the money thus saved to help our favourite charities?

The virtual card starts as a picture of an undecorated Christmas tree which can be viewed or downloaded at any time from a link on the village website.  When you scroll down from the picture there is a page of messages/greetings.

Here is the 2014 card.

Yes there is a 2013 card.  A link to it will be added here,

 You can view the final version of the 2012 card using the button below.

 As people join the scheme, a ‘bauble’ carrying their name is hung on the tree and their message/greeting is added to the ‘message’ page.  The card is updated regularly and the tree  gradually becomes decorated.  We ran the scheme for the first time in 2011; to give you the idea you can view the 2011 card HERE.