WayaHead Group

The WayaHead Group

The WayaHead Group was responsible for developing the Parish Action Plan and met twice a year.  The last meeting discussed broadband in the parish, looking at ways forward. Below are the minutes of this meeting.
Wayahead Minutes Nov 2015

The Chair of the Committee was usually not a Councillor. Being a small Council all the Councillors are members of the committee but they are usually outnumbered by local residents who become members by attending.

After discussions at a WayaHead meeting, Councillor Chris Lund has designed a form to help walkers on the Parish footpaths report any problems they find. If you come across a blockage to or problem on a footpath please download the Footpath Problems Report Form and email it to the Parish Clerk, Catherine Bann, blackshawclerk@gmail.com

WayaHead minutes June 15

WayaHead minutes Feb 2015

WayaHead minutes 13.10.14

WayaHead minutes 16.6.14

WayaHead Minutes 15.10.2012

WayaHead Minutes 18.6.2012

WayaHead Minutes 17.10.2011

WayaHead Minutes 20.6.2011

WayaHead Minutes 14.03.2011 (Revised)

WayaHead Minutes 17.01.2011

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