Shed is the  local history group for the Blackshaw area and was  formed in 2003. It is very informal and relies on  research and convivial conversation between members, rather  than formal meetings with  speakers.

Each year we focus on a different topic of historical interest, with the aim of producing a display of   research, photographs and artefacts illustrating that topic for the annual Blackshaw Head Fete.  Occasionally we hold other events of local interest in the Chapel.

Topics covered so far include: Mills, Farming and Settlement, World War 1, 1851 and 1871 Censuses, History of  Blackshaw Chapel, the Life and Times of Gordon Sutcliffe and,  in 2009,  Sport, Holidays, Entertainment and Days Out up to the early 1950’s.

You are very welcome to join the group, no prior knowledge is necessary, only enthusiasm and a sense of humour! Meetings are held throughout the year  on the second Monday of each month at Hippins  Farm at 7.30 pm. This may vary occasionally, please contact a group member to verify individual dates.

Useful links:
Tel. 07764583397

Ged Haley’s History of Blackshaw

Dr Steve North’s short piece on ‘Great Rock’

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