Blackshaw Watch Group

The group is open to all, and everyone is welcome, we usually meet once a
month on the 2nd Tuesday at 7:00pm for about an hour in the New Delight and occasionally down at the Council Offices with local Police Officers.

We chat about recent activity,trends and preventative measures.

Volunteers maintain NW signage and the notice board next to the bus stop.

Currently the group considers that criminal activity is committed by
individuals from outside the village and they do not come on foot. The
thoughts are that if the village had vehicle recognition cctv undesirables
would be identified or at least dissuaded.

Blackshawhead Neighbourhood Watch Group

Proposed (ANPR) CCTV


The village of Blackshawhead is an out-lying hill top community accessed
almost entirely by vehicle and in particular by undesirables.

It consists of a thoroughfare between Lancashire and Yorkshire with
intersections to Hebden Bridge, Burnley, Todmorden and Heptonstall.

We understand that it is the only Lancs / Yorks  secondary route without
ANPR and that thieves perceive that the Police are less effective across


* Crime prevention and Detection

* Fly Tipping

* Vehicles ignoring restrictions on Mytholm Steeps

* Intelligence  Gathering

* Power Line Theft


Whenever an incident occurs a vehicle is almost certainly involved which we are currently failing to identify. ANPR cctv seen as the solution.


1. Burglary – Outbuildings and Sheds – expensive cycles & power tools

2. Stolen Quad Farm Bikes

3. Stolen Land Rovers

4. Stolen Discovery Headlights

5. Stolen Livestock – Cattle, Sheep, Horses.

6. Theft of Power Lines – loss of supply to essential medical equipment

7. Damage caused by vehicles ignoring road restrictions.

Message In A Bottle – You can read all about the MIAB scheme HERE – contact the Watch Group to get your bottle